Boarding Details


(Per Month)




Main Middle Ranch


Box Stall Regular $ 810.00
Box Stall Luxury $ 855.00
Daily Rate $35.00 per day for horses boarded less than 30 days
Trailer in (Lessons, Clinics, etc) - $30.00 per horse per day; a signed Middle Ranch General Release form is also required.
A Security Deposit equivalent to one month's board is required
· Horses are fed twice a day (up to 2 flakes per feeding).
We feed Alfalfa Hay, Bermuda Grass, and Oat Hay. Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass are available for an additional $170.00 a month (2 flakes per feeding).
· Cleaning is 7 days a week. We use wood shavings for bedding.
** All boarders and guests of boarders and trainers must sign a
Middle Ranch General Release.